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Yet another 4th of July post

July 4, 2008

I wish people would call it by its proper name, instead of the so-generic “Fourth of July.” Every country on the Roman calendar has a Fourth of July… it comes after the 3rd and before the 5th. But in the USA it is our INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Just to stand on my soapbox a minute: There’s a lot of people, especially in an election year, who are full of doom and gloom about the state of our nation. But this nation has survived a lot in its 232 years, including being literally torn apart. However bad our economy may be, it’s been worse. However misguided, ineffective, or simply corrupt our leaders in government may be, there’s been many who were more misguided, even less effective, and even more corrupt. However much power you think we’ve lost in the world, there was a long time when this country was much, much weaker.

I for one am proud to be an American today and all the other 364 days of the year, I hope you are too. No matter our disagreements, we all have that in common. What happened to that one brief shining moment of unity after 9/11? We need to recapture that. Stop focusing on what divides us and start to believe in what unites us. And…

May all have a fun and festive Fourth. (for the sake of alliteration =)

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