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Keep Your Friends Close

March 31, 2013

I have many quirks that are as much a part of me as my hair and eye color.  So when Jason asked me to write about my friendships, my mind went to my strange little habits.   I am pretty sure that part of what my friends love and hate about me is the little things that make me unique.  For that matter, anyone that is close to me knows I hate to be pigeonholed.  I am pretty sure this is why Jason wants me to write on his blog.  He thinks I am going against my grain by writing in one genre, humor.  He wants me to show my many facets.

One thing that has always fascinated me is how everyone sees me a little differently. If you ask my friends to try to define me, they will ultimately get into a debate about who I really am (it really happened and a friendship broke up over the argument).  Those that know me best know that trying to pin me down is futile.  People see what they want to see in me; some even see themselves.  Most people think I have a bit of their ethnicity in me.  Often, strangers will walk up to me and start speaking to me in various native tongues.   I have been asked if I am everything from Asian to African American.  More people than not think I understand them better than anyone else.

I used to spend time trying to figure out why everyone sees me differently.  Ultimately I decided that it isn’t the color of my skin, race, gender, or body.  It is my spirit.  I try to love everyone.  If I am in a car and I see a stranger on the side of the road, I will smile at and hug him or her with my eyes.  Why?  Because I might be the only one who remembered that person is as important as everyone else.  I have been the only one in a crowded room to help a hooker who fell.  I know that a cashier at a grocery store has every bit as much reason to be loved as I do.

So with these thoughts, I start my day with a smile, even if I don’t feel like it.  I make others laugh with real life issues but I will never have malicious or cruel intent.  All people I meet are important to me, if only for the second they are in my presence.  Everyone is equal and if I feel myself start to judge, I step back and reevaluate myself.  With this attitude, friendships are forged.  Bonds are strengthened.  Forgiveness and understanding are given as freely as love.   I have many people who call me their best friend and I hold that in the highest of honors.   Today I offer my friendship to each and every one of you.


Now that is true love and friendship.



Lady or Not… Here I Come!


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  1. March 31, 2013 1:25 am

    You’re a living example of the kind of love Jesus taught, the kind that crosses boundaries like race, ethnicity, and income level. If only more of us approached our fellows with your attitude, the world would become a much better place; in fact, I believe this is exactly what it will take to make that eventually happen. You’re ahead of your time, and I’m thankful that I’m one of your friends.


  2. March 31, 2013 4:29 am

    Love the attitude, I really like how you roll Becca,
    I want an otter too, I’d hold hand with it everywhere, they are so cute!


  3. March 31, 2013 8:53 am

    Ahhhhhh so sweet! 🙂


  4. March 31, 2013 10:19 am

    What just happened? Is this where you write your non-feminine hygiene related thoughts now? I don’t know if I can keep up with two sides of you plus squirrelly boy. That’s a lot to ask, even with cute otter pictures.


  5. March 31, 2013 2:48 pm

    Nice job Becca – great to see this side of you.


  6. April 1, 2013 3:23 am

    “Sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they don’t drift away from each other”

    I’ve known a few ‘clingy’ women like that ! 😉


  7. April 1, 2013 4:33 am

    You are a great woman, with many layers. The more I discover about you, the more I like you. 🙂


  8. April 1, 2013 4:40 am

    This is an example of how I think you don’t realize but this really special Becca shines through the sarcasm and wit on your other blog. Nice to know I was reading you correctly! Take care and keep on giving those open minded thoughts out! You are a universally wonderful woman!


  9. April 1, 2013 8:03 am

    What a beautiful attitude to have!
    You are awesome. 🙂


  10. April 1, 2013 3:49 pm

    Is this April Fool? I really enjoyed it but caught once too many times! I often wondered how you coped with just humor on your blog, as your comments on my blog sometimes are very true to you and not Ladyornot. I will return! Now I’ll have to check this blog out too!


    • April 1, 2013 7:04 pm

      I cope fine. For me it is fun to write funny every day. I know everyone sees me different and genuine in my replies. I love that Jason is offering me the opportunity to show you all. I hope you enjoy his blog 🙂


  11. WordsFallFromMyEyes permalink
    July 23, 2013 9:11 pm

    Love the thought of your friends trying to define you… you should never have tried 🙂

    Great post, Becca. Well hosted, Jason 🙂


    • July 23, 2013 9:48 pm

      Thanks ((Hugs))


    • July 24, 2013 8:43 pm

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. This is where Becca comes to write seriously, though she hasn’t here in quite a long time. Of course, I haven’t written here in quite a while myself so… 🙂


  12. December 2, 2013 11:23 pm

    Reblogged this on sueshan123blog.


  13. September 21, 2014 10:58 pm

    how he missed me and that he’s sad that he;s far away from me. then when he looks at me since he moved the way he setard at me is very loney tht seems like he want to say something more other than saying he missed me. And i also don;’t know why I’ve been feeling lonely too since he moved. do i just missed his company or is there any mutual special feelings already between us. my job is a little bit stressful and with me working with him at that time when he was still around is really a fun one because he always makes me smile by cracking jokes and he always tells me how i look good or just being there when i need his help.. there’s one time after 1 week of just not seeing each other , he showed up in my office and the first thing that came from his mouth is i realy missed you so much after hearing that, It felt weird but relief because i was also thinking the same. we even hug but not to tight just like a friendly hug. but after that, my heart beat so fast and when i try to ask him about work, he seems shaken or speachless maybe because we never thought that we end up with a hug instead of just saying NICE SEEING YOU AGAIN. i don’t intend to have an affair with him especially that he;s our HR manager but i don’t intend to not talking to him when he’s around because it’s relly a nice feeling and i can tell from his face too that he’s like in heaven everytime i talked to him even if we just talked about worked. so how can i just keep this friendship last a longer without ending with an affair if incase he’s going to a different direction. you know an affair? He’s a good guy with a good heart thanks.. and I like him alot as a person.



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